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Not 'another' gpt wrapper

RankBoost AI stands out from regular GPT wrapper article writers with its articulate design to boost your website's traffic by crafting top-notch articles.


Automate and streamline your content tracking with Beacon, effortlessly keeping tabs on competitor updates and new content

SEO Heisting

Leverage SEO Heisting to smartly repurpose competitor insights, enhancing your site's traffic and content relevance.

AI Article Generation

Generate compelling, high-quality articles tailored to your specifications with our advanced article generation tool.

Advanced Logic Layers

Enhance content accuracy and depth with our three-tiered logic layers, ensuring data-driven, contextually relevant articles.

Intuitive User Interface

Navigate content creation effortlessly with our Intuitive User Interface, designed for optimal user experience and efficient management of multiple projects.

Custom Content Structuring

Tailor every aspect of your content with our Custom Content Structuring, enabling detailed control over titles and subheadings for perfectly organized articles.

Precision Internal Linking

Boost your SEO efforts with Precision Internal Linking, smartly weaving related articles within your site to enhance user engagement and site authority.

Multi-Category Classification

Simplify content organization with Multi-Category Classification, allowing you to assign and manage article topics seamlessly for better content strategy.

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One time payment to tryout RankBoost AI.

Generate 30 Articles

Launch 1 Beacon (monthly)

1 Concurrent Request at a time

Priority queue LOW




Essential features you need to get started

Generate 200 Articles

Launch 5 Beacon (monthly)

10 Concurrent Request at a time

Priority queue REGULAR




Perfect for owners of small & medium businessess

Generate 500 Articles

Launch 15 Beacon (monthly)

25 Concurrent Request at a time

Priority queue MEDIUM




Dedicated support and infrastructure to fit your needs

Generate Unlimited Articles

Launch 25 Beacon (monthly)

50 Concurrent Request at a time

Priority queue High

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