What's an SEO Beacon?

Because smart SEO involves more than just a chat with AI

Beacon: Streamlining SEO Heisting


In the competitive world of SEO, staying ahead means not just keeping pace with your competitors, but strategically leveraging their efforts to enhance your visibility. Our Beacon feature simplifies this process by automating the monitoring and utilization of competitor sitemaps. This tool is built on the concept of SEO heisting, which involves capitalizing on the keywords and content that your competitors are using to divert traffic to your site.

What is SEO Heisting?

SEO Heisting is a tactic where you examine a competitor's sitemap and the URLs contained within to generate content that targets similar keywords and topics. This approach allows you to compete for the same audience by creating parallel or superior content. For a deeper dive into SEO heisting, please visit our SEO Heist page.

How Beacon Works

Beacon automates the heisting process by:

  1. Storing a sitemap URL in our system.
  2. Retrieving new content URLs daily from the sitemap.
  3. Sending notifications about the number of new URLs updated. If no new URLs are found, a notification confirms that there are no updates.

This automation saves you the time and effort previously spent on manually checking competitor sitemaps, allowing you to focus on content creation and optimization strategies.

Setting Up a Beacon

To start using Beacon:

  1. Create a new beacon: Name your beacon for easy identification.
  2. Enter the sitemap URL: Add the URL of the competitor's sitemap you wish to monitor.
  3. Specify the path (optional): You can refine the URLs to be monitored by specifying a path. For example, to focus on content from 2024, simply add &quote;/2024&quote; to your beacon settings.

Advanced Features

  • Auto Beacon: Automatically checks for new content daily.
  • Manual Fetch: At any time, you can manually trigger a fetch to get the latest content from the specified sitemap.

Benefits of Using Beacon

  • Efficiency: Automates routine checks of competitor content, saving significant time and effort.
  • Timeliness: Ensures that you are promptly informed about new competitor content, allowing for quick action.
  • Strategic Advantage: Provides insights into competitor strategies through their content updates, giving you the opportunity to adapt or counteract effectively.


Our Beacon feature empowers you to strategically enhance your SEO efforts by leveraging competitor insights in real-time. By automating the heisting process, Beacon enables you to maintain a competitive edge with minimal effort. Start a beacon today and transform how you engage with competitor content!