What's an SEO Heist?

Because smart SEO involves more than just a chat with AI

SEO Heisting: Revolutionizing Content Strategy


SEO Heisting is a powerful strategy designed to leverage the success of your competitors' content to enhance your own SEO efforts. This innovative approach involves analyzing competitor websites and strategically using their successful elements to boost your site's traffic and visibility.

The Origin of SEO Heisting

The concept of SEO Heisting gained popularity through a viral post by Jake Ward on Twitter, showcasing its potential by diverting 3.6 million in total traffic from a competitor. This strategy involves exporting a competitor's sitemap, transforming URLs into article titles, and mass-producing content based on those titles.

How SEO Heisting Works

  1. Select a Competitor's Sitemap: Begin with choosing a sitemap from a successful competitor. This could include a range of content types such as blog posts, informational pages, or documents.
  2. Extract Content Titles: Use the sitemap to list URLs and turn them into potential article titles.
  3. Generate Content: Based on the extracted titles, create articles that mimic or improve upon the competitor's keyword strategies.

Advanced Techniques

  • Content Analysis: Our system scans the actual content of a competitor's page, capturing headings and the essence of topics discussed.
  • Boundary Settings: To ensure precision, you can set top and bottom boundaries using classes or IDs to define the scope of content extraction.
  • Real-Time Updates: Our tool fetches the most recent and relevant information related to the topics, ensuring your content is not only inspired by but also more updated than your competitor's.

Setting Boundaries

For effective scraping, it's essential to specify which part of the webpage to focus on:

  • Inspect Element: Use your browser's inspect tool to find the HTML element that encapsulates the content you want.
  • Top and Bottom Boundaries: Specify the start and end points by selecting appropriate HTML classes or IDs. This avoids pulling irrelevant data from adjacent content sections.

Enhancing Content Quality

  • Categories and Internal Linking: Assign categories to your heists to organize content better and use AI to add contextually appropriate internal links.
  • Call to Actions (CTA): Integrate CTA objects to convert readership into actionable outcomes.

Documentation and Support

Further details on setting boundaries, categories, internal linking, and more are available in our comprehensive documentation. Check it out to maximize your use of the SEO Heisting tool.


SEO Heisting is not just about copying what your competitors do; it's about strategically outperforming them by using their own strategies against them. By adopting this method, you gain insights into what works for your competitors and apply enhanced tactics to capture their audience effectively.